2010-04-28 Cube Action /Answer

It might surprise some people that this is a double and a big drop at this score.  At most other scores it would be an easy take.  The key at this score is the huge value of gammons to Red after the cube is turned to 2 (1.0) and the fact that White gets absolutely no value out of winning gammons.   If you just look at the numbers, white wins this game 36 percent of the time, but he gets gammoned 24%.  Since he gets no benefit from winning a gammon, and the value of gammons is 100 percent, or 1.0, then when we subtract 24 from 35 we get a net value for white of 11. 

The take point for white at this score, according to the new Rockwell/Kazaross MET, is 19.80.  So that means that White must have a net value of over that figure to take, and 11 is way below, so it is a big drop.