2010-05-08 ReCube/Answer

I think this is a classic example of the difference between playing on a computer and playing in real life.

The computer tells us that this is a big take and clearly not a redouble.  My "gut" tells me that a lot of people would drop this cube, and that's another reason it might well be right to double here in a real life situation.  One of the best backgammon lessons I ever got, and I teach it EVERY DAY, is Woolsey's Law...and when you put yourself in your opponent's shoes here, even good players will have some misgivings about taking this cube and I know you will get some drops over the board.   If you double and you are wrong and he/she takes, you still have a strong game.

Of course I am not saying it is right to double when it is wrong to double...just that playing live people opens up other options.

In a money game, I would double this in a heartbeat (it's still technically wrong) because I know I'll get some drops.