2010-05-15 Playing doubles/Answer

In situations like this, you start out immediately realizing that if you switch points and hit Red off of your 3 point and put his checker on the bar, you accomplish one very important function:  you take away at least half of Red's roll, making it much more difficult for him to point on you or make a point, run, or do damage of any kind.  So usually, in situations like this, I start with that premise.  Then I figure out what else I can do to advance my major game plan.  If I am behind in the race, my game plan might well be to make blocking points to keep my opponent from racing, but in this case, I am up in the race, and with Red having a checker on the bar, my racing chances are greatly increased, so bringing up the back checker becomes the obvious choice.  The final 1 is simply from my mid point to gain maximum flexibility.