2010-05-19 Match Cube/Answer

It's a double and a take.  A major reason to double this is that it just looks scary for white, and you will get a lot of drops here.
Another reason to double is that if things go well for Red, he will be highly rewarded winning 2 or 4 points instead of just 1 point, and if
things go poorly, the odds are he will just lose 2 points instead of losing 1 point if he didn't turn the cube.  So there is just much more
upside than downside in a position like this where the potential gammon wins are so much higher than the potential gammon losses.

So this is a good lesson, because the W/L differential isn't very high.  It's quite possible to have a game where the wins and losses
are about even, but the gammon factor difference is so high that the cube is a must.