2010-06-09 Match Play 5-5/Answer

Hitting off the ace is a no-brainer...you simply can't let Red have his full roll...he's sure to make the prime and you're dead.  But hitting loose off the ace and leaving a blot on the 1 and 6 points?????   Now, that takes some creative thinking.  Here is what MCG (Matt Cohn-Geier) has to say about this play:

If you don't hit, you generally just lose.  You are out-timed and something like 33 of opp's rolls make a 6 prime.

OK, so if we've established that hitting is a must.  What's the best way to hit?  Well, it's DMP, so we don't care if we get G'd.  If he comes in we are usually dead anyway.  Given that we'd like to slot something to keep him on the roof longer...best point to slot is the 6 point.