2010-06-29 Match Play / Answer

Making the bar point is best, but I have to admit I did not make that play.    John O'Hagan points out that it's easier to clear the 7 point than the 9 point, and it's a good landing spot.

Here are some excellent thoughts from Perry:

I use a few bear in principles here since counting immediate shots is not definitive. 


1. Assuming you rate to leave a shot at one of my outfield points, which is the one you will be hit on the most?   Here the 9 point with 4’s and 6’s to hit are usually going to yield more shots than the 11 point which gives 17 shots to one checker and  4 indirects to the other when the 9 or 7 are cleared.


2. With 2 points owned by the opponent are in direct range of the outfield points you wish to clear, it is easiest to clear from a point where you have more landing points bearing in.   You have the maximum landing points from the bar point when clearing  instead of any of the others further away. Making the bar also helps clear points in order.


3. Having 3 landing points for the checkers on the 11, with one of them being the bar, counters  the advantage of needing only to clear 2 points instead of 3.


4. When you make the bar and are leave a shot on the 11 before clearing the 9 and 8, you rate to have more life after being hit since the checkers on your 3 point rate to take time to get into the outfield.