2010-07-12 6-5 Answer

To me, one of the toughest plays to make in backgammon is when you hate every possible play you can make.  6-5 is an ugly roll here, and no matter what you play, there are a lot of negatives.  So the key is to try and find some positive, or simply look for the play with the least negatives.

The correct play of slotting your 2 and 3 point is, well, "nasty."  But there as some positives.  First, you keep your mid point, and that's often an important consideration for outfield control.  Second you unstack some of those checkers piled up on your 8 point.  Third, there are 16 rolls that don't hit either checker, and some of the rolls that hit are useful for white on the other side of the board. 

But the most important reason it is the best play is simply because the alternatives are worse!