2010-08-25 Money Recube/Answer

As you can see below, this is a strong redouble and an easy take.  Many will miss the recube, and many will miss the take.  Positions like this are not simple, and the best way to analyze situations like this is to start out by being a great player with many years of experience and a memory of reference positions that will provide you with the answer.

For the rest of us, we simply have to make our "best guess."   No matter what your level of play or experience, your "guesses" improve with study and practice, but also by applying some strategies that can be learned from the experts (via books, articles, and lessons).  You can estimate with some reasonable accuracy how many times red will hit on his next roll, and you can estimate what is likely to happen if he hits or doesn't hit.  You can apply some reasonable odds of wins and gammons for both sides when one or the other happens or doesn't happen. 

If you cannot do these estimates reasonably, you simply cannot expect to make good cube decisions in situations like this, and you now know something you possibly didn't know before...you know something that you don't know. 

If you do not know how to approach getting to reasonable estimates, or if your current approach gives you answers that are often wrong, or major blunders, I can give you no other advice than to study or get help. 

Here at the Learning Center we have many who have or are currently taking lessons, but I must tell you, that all four of us are constantly studying, reading, and learning from each other as well.  It is a never-ending process if you want to improve, and by the way, approached properly, the learning process can be as much fun and rewarding as playing.