2nd Roll Charts by Murat Akcan

My very excellent student and good friend from Turkey, Murat Akcan, decided to take the 2nd roll positions from Stick's site, add the ones that were left out, and put them into chart format.

The advantage of the chart format is that you can pick a roll and read across the chart and see just how the moves change...that can provide some real insight into the reasoning behind the moves.  As the experts will tell you, it is possible to memorize all the second roll responses to opening moves, even at different match scores, but it is far better to understand the reasoning behind each move for two reasons:  1)  it is easier to remember the right play if you understand the reasoning, and 2) the same thought process and ideas generally apply to the next few rolls.

I actually have a copy of these charts in my iPhone so that I can check myself from time to time after I make a play I'm not sure of.  Hopefully, they will be helpful to you as well. 

Both Murat and Stick are now working on the 3rd roll responses, and I think the results of those rollouts are likely to provide some tremendous insights and even some surprises for many of us.