3-3 Perry's Comments/Answer

I made my opponent's bar on this play...it was the third best play, and I asked Perry why the other plays were so much better.  Here is his response:

1.    The game can easily end up going forward.  The opportunity taken to come off the 2 point now creating  a spare on the 20 is better than not coming off the 2 and blotting on the 4. 

2.    2-2, 2-4, 4-4, and 5-4 play worse for Black when you keep the 4 point.

3.    If you can't go forward, falling back on a 2-5 game is much worse than a 4-5 game.  A 4-5 game is much more flexible in terms of going forward or switching to a backgame.

4.    The blot on the bar point is not an issue as 6 's are duped and getting hit with those numbers that are supposed to hit isn't likely to cause much damage.

5.    Making the bar point limits the flexibility of these 2 checkers from moving forward.  You wish to maintain your mid for at least a while as it is holding 2 checkers on the 16 from playing 4's constructively, so making the bar doesn't relive the mid as it might in other situations.

Below is the evaluation: