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3A-3A Answer

It's a simple choice...do you play a checker off your 13 point and give your opponent the super joker 6-6, or do you break the 11 point and leave nothing?

My first thought was why give him the 6-6, but of course, that play does give me more shots if he comes out with any other 6 and more flexibility.  There are two kinds of people in this world...the kind that see's the glass is half open, and the kind that sees it half full.  If you only look at his jokers, you would not give him the 6-6, but look at all the benefits of that play.

There's another reason to break off the 13.  What happens if you make the other play and rolls a 6-5?  Then you leave a shot!  So you are giving him a 1/36 joker, but you give yourself a 2/36 anti-joker. 

The key is to consider all the factors, and if you do it correctly here, you will bring a checker in off the 13.

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