4-1 Answer

I am a little embarrassed to tell you the various plays we were discussing and the one we finally made.  Suffice it to say it wasn't close to the best play!

This one was a real fooler for us.

Here are Perry Gartner's comments relative to this position:

With the 3 inner board points that Red has, and White’s 2 blots,  White could be vulnerable to attack on Red’s next roll or Red could consolidate blots with the objective of turning the game into a race.  White has an opportunity to hit 2 bots, while starting an inner board, with 11 checkers in the zone, putting Red on the defensive if the strategy works.  Usually, hitting 2 on the inside would be right so Red can’t establish an immediate anchor unless Red rolls a double.   Here, leaving 3 blots and breaking White’s bar point anchor turns out better than hitting 2 on the inside, creating only 2 blots, and maintaining the anchor.   It teaches us the value of keeping the 6.7.8 point configuration in place.  This configuration can quickly turn into a more formidable prime if attacking stalls. Unstacking the 6 point is a plus as well.