4-18-10 Match Cube/Answer

Many players don't even think about doubling from the bar.  We're on the bar and we just hope we come in.  Sometimes, however, the odds of coming in AND doing some damage are so great, as they are here, that you should double.  One of the major reasons for doubling is if we have too many market losers (if we roll well and our opponent doesn't, the result would be a position that would be a double and a pass).  We must get that cube in before we come in and hit...there's just too many gammons to reward us when that happens. 

Of course, the glass is not only half full...there is plenty of reason for White to take this cube.  Maybe Red won't come in and hit and maybe White will be the one with the good dice.  Even if hit, it's not the end of the game...White still has chances to win.