4-19-10 Cube Action/Answer

It is No double/Take.  At this score, when you are 2 away and your opponent is 3 away, you know that when you double, if he takes, he will immediately recube and you will be playing for the match.  It's important to know your opponent's take point is 25 percent...and it's important to know that gammons will have no value if the cube is at 4.  So at this score, you must have a very strong game to double.  White's game is strong, but White can roll relatively well on his next roll and still not lose his market (Red will still be right to take the cube).  If White does roll very well, and say, makes his bar point, and Red then rolls poorly and White then loses his market, it's not such a bad thing to lose your market at this score and go to 1away/3away and be a 75 percent favorite!