4-22-10 Chouette play/Answer

There was a debate between bringing all the checkers out to the 14 or simply playing one checker all the way around the board to the 6 point.

The second play, around to the 6 point, as you can see, is the much better play.  (I have to admit that Carter did get this one right.)

Here is Perry's explanation as to why coming out to the 14 is inferior:

Taking the checkers out to the 14 creates a ton of good numbers for White - hitting on the bar, including double hits while White still has an anchor, and making the bar.  Red should not give up his anchor to create an even harder point to clear later making it more difficult to race.  The timing is against Red.    The correct play makes White plays more awkward and forces him to leave more shots right away.  The spare on the 6 also gives Red a number that makes a 5 prime and a spare to burn if absolutely necessary.  No shots right away either.

As Carter pointed out, one of the keys to running the checker is that you keep better "connectivity" which is important in the "mutual contact" positions.