4-25-10 Answer to 3-2 play

You have two major considerations at this point in the game.  First, you want to block or blitz White.  You want to have as many builders as possible to make your open 5 point or to hit your opponent if he comes in on the 5 point, or hit or contain him if he comes in on the 2 point.  He he doesn't come in at all, you still want as many builders as possible to make inner board points.  Here, your major goal is to blitz (close out your inner board with White's checker on the bar.)

Your second major consideration is to avoid getting hit if White does come in, or, if you do get hit, have plenty of return shots so that you can put him back on the bar.

13/11 9/6 accomplishes both far better than any other play.  Take a look more deeply at the little numbers under the play--they tell you a lot.  If you compare the best play with the second-best play, you win about 1 percent more with the best play.  But you win gammons about 6 percent more, and that's a very significant number.