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5-1 Answer

The right play is to hit of course...you must hit or you lose the race.  But then the question is, do you cover the blot on your 8 point or do you give yourself more builders to cover?

My first reaction was to have more builders...if I'm hit I'm in big trouble anyway, and if I'm not hit, I want to have the most covers.  But I was forgetting one major factor--the position of the cube.  If I hit and cover my 8 point and he doesn't hit me back, I'm going to double and he has a big drop.  So why leave more blots?  I don't need more covers to win the game.  But if I leave more shots and I get hit, then I stand a better chance to get hit twice and possibly get gammoned.  Also, I might recover from getting hit once, but getting hit twice is death.