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5-1 Answer

It's called "The Banana Split."  I have no idea how it got it's name.  But you are better off hitting here than just hoping that he doesn't roll a 6 or that if he does roll a 6 you might get a shot.  Out of 36 rolls, 16 times he doesn't come in at all.  10 times he comes in on the ace point, and most of the time he stays there, so you have some time to do damage again, and when he comes in on the 2, all but two times he stays there, and even if you get hit, that's another checker to hit him back with if he comes out.

The ExtremeGammon eval shows you the win/loss percentages very clearly, but if you are not familiar with reading these numbers, what it means is that if you hit you will win this game about 72 percent of the time and if you don't hit you will only win about 69 percent of the time, even if you make the best non-hitting play.

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