6-2/Answer and Analysis by John

Over the board, I (Phil) played 18/12, 2/1, and found that it was the wrong play--18/10 is best. 

I asked John what play he would make over the board, and why, and here was his answer:

You can easily win the race since you're down just 4 pips after playing this 62 so minimizing shots and blots is a strong consideration.  18/10 looks clearly best in this regard since it leaves only one blot hittable by 4s while 18/12 3/1 leaves two blots vulnerable to 1s and 4s and 10/4 3/1 leaves two blots that can be hit with 1s,4s, and 7s. 

10/4 3/1 also has the disadvantage of placing a checker a little deeper in your board than you want.  Covering the ace will give you a relatively few extra wins but the extra losses from being hit more often will definitely be more numbers so the gain is not worth the risk.  

Evaluation below: