6-6 Answer

Blue to play 6-6

Phil Simborg:  In playing and defending back games, TIMING IS EVERYTHING.  When Blue rolls 6-6, it clearly kills his timing for this back game.  So the key to this play is to realize that you cannot hold this back game and time it at the same time.  So the answer is to simply give up on this back game...move all the checkers out from the 4 point.  Does that mean you are giving up on the idea of playing a back game and trying to go forward?  Probably not, as the odds of getting your other 3 checkers out are not good...but it does mean you are giving up THIS back game...the 3-4 back game.  Blue will probably get hit again and have a chance to remake the 4 point, or he might make the 3 or 1 point and end up with a different back game, but at least it will have timing.