Backgammon in 2020

Backgammon in 2020--An Article From the Future

By Phil Simborg



When the US Backgammon Federation was formed in 2009 there were only a few thousand active backgammon players in the U.S. and less than 1000 that participated annually in major tournaments.   Today, there are hundreds of thousands of players and single tournaments draws as many as 6,000 players.


Thanks largely to the efforts of the USBGF in bringing together all of the people truly interested in growing their favorite game, backgammon is now offered as an accredited course at over 200 colleges and universities and there are over 500 college backgammon clubs that compete for the National Leibster Cup every year.  Over 2000 high schools also have backgammon clubs.


The prestigious AT&T National Championships this year is expected to draw close to 6,000 players with a total prize pool of $8 Million, and the finals will be podcast to over 1 billion people world wide.  The event also raises over $1 Million each year for scholarships and prizes for students and this year the money will be used to provide copies of Snowie 5 to all, just as soon as the new version is available.


According to USBGF President, Lyle Rubin, “We have a great crop of talent here in the U.S. and we expect to do quite well in the Olympics next year on Mars.”