Boards and Money Needed for Kids

We have 44 students enrolled in a backgammon course at Georgia Southern University, and we have clubs in colleges, high schools, and even elementary schools all over the country.

On behalf of the USBGF Education Committee, Perry and I have found sources for excellent backgammon boards at great discounts.  We are giving away small boards to young children in tournaments and clubs so they can take them home and play with their parents and friends, and we are giving college students the option of buying the smaller or full-sized boards at great discounts.

Long term, we hope to see classes and clubs at elementary, junior high, high school, and colleges all over the country, and we hope to offer help with boards, lesson plans, and both on line and live tournament competition.

Your help in providing money for boards is needed at this time.  You can make your donations via Paypal at or you can contact me at that email address for more information and alternative ways to donate.

Of course, we would also appreciate the donation of used boards, backgammon books, or other items that might be used as prizes for these young, new players.

Your help and support is most appreciated.


A special thanks to the following people who have generously donated to help fund this program:

James Allen

Bill Bartholomay

Brian Donohue

Pohatan French

Alan Grunwald

Neil Kazaross

Carter Mattig

Marcel Mander

Greg Merriman

Phil Simborg

Dan Simborg

Kurt Thompson

Also:  3 anonymous donations