Chiva's Comments on Monte Carlo

Bottom line and you can pass it on to Chuck on my behalf: the WC in MC sucks big time.


What should be the flagship of backgammon and THE tournament is nothing but a second Las Vegas thing. For all those who work hard for backgammon and struggle to bring sponsors and money to the game, MC is completely destructive. Potential sponsors will eventually figure there is a “World Championship”, stop by to visit and after what they see and experience, quickly back off.


A WC should be like any other sport moved around the globe, and a tool to introduce and promote the game in new territories, make it affordable for players mainly and not only for deep pockets, and be a platform to discover new faces and shooting stars. Maybe there is a young genius somewhere in India we don´t know about and we will never get to know just because a week in MC equals a 2 years salary in his country…


If you´re part of the fossils and the dinosaurs of the game and have lost focus of what BG is today, MC is your place to go, just because it´s been there for over 3 decades. If you want to adapt yourselves to changes in the game, then MC should be kept as a tournament for its die-hard fans (around 80-100 players), but not as a WC. Move the WC around the planet, take it to places where you won´t be raped for accommodation, food and coffee, make it affordable to enter and increase the numbers. Any event of a certain size will automatically attract media and you won´t need to sit and figure like Patti where and how to attract money towards a dying tournament. Next year´s numbers (if there should be a WC in MC), will go down again by another 15% if things remain the same.