Cube Action/Answer

Phil Simborg:  Okay, I admit it is a little scary to take this cube.  Red is pretty certain to have two checkers on the bar after Blue's next roll, and if Red dances like Fred Astaire, it's gammon city.  But Blue still has three checkers in Red's zone, and that means that if Red can make an anchor on the four point, or even the one point, there will be plenty of game left before Blue brings those checkers home.  And an anchor will reduce the gammon risks tremendously as well. 

If you don't think Red is going to make an anchor here very often, this is a position you might play out a few times against the computer and you'll see how hard it is for Blue to complete a blitz and bring the checkers around. 

It's a good solid double, and just as happened in our Chicago Chouette today (Saturday) you will get some drops.