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DMP 5-3 Answer

Phil Simborg:  I have to admit, hitting off the ace point NEVER OCCURRED TO ME.  So I sent this position to my fellow experts, John O'Hagan and David Rockwell, and here were their responses:

O'Hagan:   I'm not a good enough player to have found the loose hit here Phil.  I'd a played 9/4 8/5 OTB.  Having seen the RO, it makes sense.  You get shots at extra blots if oppt rolls 61,51,41,31,21, or 62.  You figure to have enough time to roll two 6s to get off the 20-point. 

Rockwell:   I have some quick reactions.  Hitting loose on the ace was the play I immediately wanted to make.  The concept that brought me to it is "hit off the edge of a prime".  Even though the checker isn't at the edge of the prime, it escapes with sixes.  Obviously, you want to prevent that.  So, you put him back on the bar where he can't escape with one number. 
Before putting this position aside, I think this is a good one to test by moving checkers around to see how that changes the rollout.