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Any time you are presented with a position as a problem, there is what we call a "QF" or quiz factor involved.  Because it is presented as a problem, instead of instinctively making the play you think is best, your antennae goes up and you start wondering if there is an unusual angle.  As a result, many people get these problems right when presented as a problem, but if these positions had come up over the board they might well get them wrong.

The reason I threw in this position today is that I thought the QF would probably work against many of you.  You might think that because this is presented as a problem you should do something "tricky" like come in and hit.  Now, be honest, even if you didn't decide on that play, I bet you thought a lot longer about that play because of the QF.  And hitting would be very wrong. 

You will often get another checker without hitting; you don't have to get another checker to win this game, but it certainly increases your chances tremendously, but hitting can also cost you a lot of games because you are giving your opponent some immediate jokers and chances to win.

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