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Gammon Go/Answer

The one thing we are sure of when it's gammon-go (winning a gammon wins the match) is that we need to take greater risks to win gammons than we would normally take.  Clearly, we MUST HIT that checker on our 5 point.  No way can you let Red anchor there, as not only do gammons fade into the distance, so do a lot of Blue's wins.  So the question is "how" to hit that checker. 

As you can see below, the number one play is to hit and continue...then, only if Red rolls doubles are you immediately in trouble...if he comes in with one checker, you are probably going to just keep on hitting.  It's called "blitzing" because, like the Germans in WWII, they focussed all their forces and efforts on one area and were relentless until they were successful.  That's the same theory here.