Match Cube Question
3away/3away, Blue on roll
Cube action?

The answer to the position above can be found hwew 

Tip of the Day:  When you are looking over your errors in a match evaluation, it is better to study one error thoroughly and completely understand it than to go through all of your errors briefly.

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"I hate marriage because you have to deal with feelings, and lawyers..."  Richard Pryor


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On behalf of the USBGF, Perry, Joe Russell, Don Berecz and myself (Phil Simborg), I would like to thank the many of you, from all over the world, who donated to our "Boards for Kids" project.  We have put free and discounted backgammon boards into the hands of students from elementary school to college.  For more information, a list of donors, and how you can donate to this program too, click here

How Can YOU support the growth of Backgammon?

1.  Be a good sport--make the game more enjoyable for everyone who plays with you, live or on line;
2.  Support your local backgammon club.  If there isn't one, start one!
3.  Support the growth of the game in schools--there are clubs forming in colleges, high schools, and even elementary schools.  It happens because someone volunteers to start it and support it.
4.  Support the USBGF.  Go to for more information.   If you live outside the U.S., support your local Federation. 
5.  You can read more about new developments here

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  • Perry Gartner
  • John O'Hagan
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  • Phil Simborg
David Rockwell
Dir. of Research & Analysis

Lessons for players of all levels
all over the world via Webex

Phil, Perry, John, David and Stick have formed a partnership to teach players of all levels, all over the world.  We have developed a systematic approach to find the best best checker play and cube decisions. 

Our lessons are carefully planned and customized for the individual student's level of play and needs.  Every player has some holes in his game; we'll find them and cure them. 

Books and articles are great, but we put them on steroids and save students years in their journey to improve.   We have added many new strategies and techniques you will not find in any book or article. 

The effectiveness of our approach is proven by the success of our students--many have gone from Beginner to Intermediate, and from Intermediate to Open in just 3 months!  You can read their stories and see proof of their success in the testimonials  tab to the left.  We currently have over 50 students world-wide.

We provide free Webex so that students can see our computer screen and talk freely over the internet.

Private lessons are $50 an hour for beginners and intermediates and $100 per hour for Open tournament players.   We can place individuals of similar skill into small groups at discounted prices, and we offer discounts to students.  Lessons are recorded for future reference.

Students are provided articles, learning tools, and exercises between lessons, and permanent copies of guides they can use for many years to come.

You will see SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT in your game and WE GUARANTEE IT.  Any lesson you take is FREE if you don't see how it will immediately improve your game.

Note:  A portion of our lesson income is donated to the USBGF.

About Perry:
Perry has won many tournaments, was a semi-finalist in the World Championships two times, was ranked as high as No. 2 on the US Tour.  He is a noted author, lecturer and teacher and is Executive Director of the U.S. Backgammon Federation.

About Phil:
Phil is the world's first "Professor of Backgammon" teaching backgammon in an accredited course at Georgia Southern University (via Webex).  Phil has been teaching over 20 years, has published over 200 articles, lectures at many US tournaments, and leads seminars to groups all over the world via the internet.  Phil has been ranked as high at No. 2 on the American Backgammon Tour and he is currently the No. 1 player at the Chicago Barpoint Club. 
  Phil is a full-time backgammon playing and teaching professional and volunteers much of his time to bringing new, young players into the game.

About John:
John has won far too many tournaments to list, and he is currently ranked No. 11 in the World on the Giants list.  He recently took 1st place in the Howard Ring Memorial Quiz, which was a pure test of backgammon knowledge and skill.  John has retired and is now devoting his time to playing and teaching backgammon--has has placed 2nd in the World Championships and John is currently ranked No. 1 on the U.S. tour.

About David:  David Rockwell has won many tournaments including ABT events, has been the top player at the Chicago Bar Point Club over the past 7 years and is co-author of the Rockwell-Kazaross Match Equity table.  His depth of knowledge and analysis is respected by players throughout the world.

About Stick:  Stick is currently ranked No. 7 Giant in the world.  He is a respected teacher and lecturer, an active member and supporter of the USBGF.  Stick runs the most popular free online backgammon forum which draws some of the strongest players in the world at

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