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2010-08-04 DMP-Answer

Making the bar is correct...here is John O'Hagan's take on this:

"Making the 7-point looks clear at DMP or any other score for that matter.  That gives you a very strong 5-prime and will usually result in a pretty easy win against Black's poorly timed 1-2 backgame.    This does allow Black to hit with 62 or 61 but that's only a 4/36 chance and it's not so bad for you since you'll only need to get one checker up and over Black's 5-prime versus Black having three to get up and over yours.  


If you don't make the 7-point with this 42, Black will run out from the 23 or 24-point with any 5 or 6 (plus 42 and 41) thereby converting  this poorly-timed 1/2 backgame into an ace or deucepoint game with reasonable timing and chances.  Don't give him that chance.  Make the 7-point. "