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3rd Play Answer

Surprise!  Bring two checkers down from your mid point!  And it's right by a lot. 

This was the quiz at the London Backgammon club weekend events last weekend, and only one person there got it right. 

Thanks, London, for giving me permission to share this with my readers.

Here are Perry Gartner's Comments relative to this play:

All expert players should get this right without much of a problem.   There is a Concept of Play:  when your opponent rolls 5-5 on the second roll when you still own your 24 point.  Don’t break your 24 point unless both checkers move forward simultaneously! Look at how 6-5 plays as another example Your timing is better so priming is a goal.   You want to continue to reduce the number of 5’s that play constructively for him. Making your 5 and or 7 points accomplish both these goals. . I can't think of any third roll exceptions off hand but didn’t go through all of the rolls.  You might want to do that, or have your students look at each of these 3rd roll responses to better learn this concept.   Please let me know if you can come up with any exceptions.


If either of your blots get hit in this position with your opponent’s board not all that strong, it is usually not devastating and you can strive to re-circulate or establish a more forward anchor.  From your opponents prospective, his MCV game plan is to race and a hit gives him a larger opportunity to get away.  But there is usually still plenty of game to go for both sides.

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