4-17-10 Chouette Play/Answer

Again, this play baffled me.  I chose not to play 24/23 because I wanted to keep the back checkers apart so I could escape more easily.  The downside is that they could also be attacked more easily.  I played 12/10 10/9 for maximum builders, and as you can see, it was a huge blunder.

After looking closely at the results, I honestly couldn't see why my play was so bad, so I actually had to play it out a few times to see how this game "evolves" to understand the wisdom of ExtremeGammon.  I also asked my Perry Gartner why making the 23 point is so important in this position:


The merits of making the 23:

1.      Prevents Black from distracting White’s attention on the other side of the board by closing the door to loose hits or being pointed on.

2.      Puts pressure on the checkers on the 7 & 8 points as Black is fast running out of numbers to maintain his prime unless he can extract a checker from White’s inner board. 

3.      White’s flexible  builder formation and 16 pip timing advantage bodes well for lengthening his prime or building a strong board while  Black tries to escape.

4.      Moving 8/7 adds the disadvantage of losing a builder that can be activated while maintaining the 8 point.