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Amazing Position

The MOST AMAZING thing about this position is that I did not make it up.  It really happened to me, on line, and I was Red, and White hit all 15 of my checkers.
I wrote an article about this position some months back, as I found this is a fascinating position to play out if you put Red on roll and see how Red and White should play this out according to ExtremeGammon (or Snowie or GNU or your bot of choice.)  You will be very surprised to see many of the moves.  Try it.

In the meantime, it's White on roll and he holds the cube.  Should he redouble or is he too good or not good enough?  If he does redouble, should Red take or drop or Beaver?

[By the way, the picture on the left is the Great Malcolm Davis who just lost in the finals of Las Vegas to the equally great Mike Corbett.--Both are very good friends of mine and both have personally given me a lot of advice and encouragement, and I am very happy for them.]

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