3 Man Team-Nov. 15th

The Chicago Backgammon Association presents:

The Third 3-Man Team Backgammon Event!

When:   Sunday, November 15th    11:30 Check in.  Play begins 12:00 sharp.


Where:  Parthenon Restaurant, 312 S. Halsted, Chicago (Free Valet Parking)


What:  We will seed the top 1/3 of the players and put them in one hat and the rest in another hat.  We will draw one player from the seeded hat and two from the other to form a 3-man team.  The 3 players will play together as a team, with the seeded player as the “Captain” and the other two as “the Players.”


How:   Teams will be drawn at random to play against each other.  The two Players will play a 3 point match against the two Players of the other team while the Captains play a 3 point match.  The Captain’s match is in the middle.  Twice before there is a cube, and twice after there is a cube, a Player may ask the Captain to make a checker play.  If asked, the player must make the Captain’s play.  The Player may also ask the Captain for cube advice one time during each game.  Between games, the Captain and Players may discuss cube strategy, take points, doubling windows, and checker strategy.  Discussion must be kept to 2 minutes.


Two out of three wins the match.  Play will either be double-elimination or round-robin depending on the number of teams, but everyone will be guaranteed at least two matches.  Depending on the timing the finals may be 5 points instead of 3.  


Fees and Prizes:   Entry fee is $30 per person.  Everyone will get a $5 certificate for food and drink.  There will be a 90 percent return on the balance.   Side Pool:  After the teams are drawn, there will be a side pool of $60 per team for any teams wishing to get into the pool.  100 percent return on the side pool.  Payout:  2/3 of both main and side pool to first place; 1/3 to second.


NOTE:  Entries will be limited to 16 teams, max—so only the first 48 people signed up will be entered.   Advance entries by email or phone are welcome.


Everyone who attended our first two events found this fun and educational for all.  Whether you are a top player or a beginner, you will have a great time and you will contribute to the success of your team.  The final match will be projected on to the big screen and there will be several fun, surprise prizes and awards.      


Contact Phil for questions or seat reservation:  312-543-0522  psimborg@sbcglobal.net.