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ExtremeGammon is the Winner!

Michael Depreli, with help from many others, has been rolling out entire games on all the known backgammon software programs, and after 100 games it is clear that ExtremeGammon is winning easily.  What the statistics don't say is that ExtremeGammon is also much faster than the other bots and much easier to use.  Below are the current numbers:

Mike Corbett's Book Positions.

Mike Corbett selected 30 positions from his Backgammon book that Snowie got wrong.  We put them in to ExtremeGammon and it got 29 right!
I will be happy to provide a copy of the selections from Mike's book so that you can see for yourself!

Phil Simborg

home:  http://www.simborgbackgammonlessons.com/