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Cube Action Answer

This has got to be one of the more complicated, tougher cubes I have come across in a long time!

Red is supposed to double, and white is supposed to take.  Now, take a good look at the evaluation below.

As you can see, Red's winning chances are just about 50 percent.  If things go well for him, he wins gammons about 14 percent of the time.  If things go poorly, he loses gammons about 36 percent of the time. 

It sounds crazy, but the reason he has a double is precisely because he gets gammoned so much.  If he doesn't cube and things go poorly, and he loses 4 points, he goes down 6-0 and has very little chance to win anyway.  With this reasoning, he might as well double, because losing the match isn't a lot worse than getting to 6-0.  But if things go well, he's much better off winning 4 points than just winning 2. 

This is just one more reason why match play is so much more complex and complicated than money play.  What a fascinating, complicated game we play!