DMP Answer

Of course, with Red so far up in the race, the hit is certain.  The question is whether to lift the blot or leave it there.  I was playing Scott Casty in the Anti-Cruelty Society Invitational and I made the mistake of leaving the blot.  I thought I had to make that point to win.  WRONG THINKING.  Getting hit there was fatal, and of course, Scott hit me, won the match and went on to win the tournament. 

It is easy to get carried away when you are thinking gammons don't matter and take risks that are not necessary, and over the board, I made very that mistake.

Freddy Chemanara was one of the people watching the match, and we discussed the play.  He was so sure it was right to life he gave me 2-1 odds on a bet on the play.  I thought he might be right, but it's hard to turn down those odds, so not only did I lose a tough match, my wallet got a lot lighter as well.

Below is the ExtremeGammon evaluation of the plays: