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Don't ya Just Love it????!!!

Dontcha Just Love It?

            By Phil Simborg




Dontcha just love it when all you need is a 3 or 4 to hit and win, but instead you roll double 5 or 6, missing, and costing you the game, but your opponent says something like:  “Nice roll” or “Boy you sure get lots of doubles!”?


And dontcha just love it when your opponent gets the perfect roll to hit, make the prime, and probably win the match, and just sits there for a long time, like he doesn’t see the play, and then, finally, he makes the right play?


And dontcha just love it when you’re sitting there getting gammoned and you got virtually no chance to win and your opponent is taking 10 minutes to decide how to play a 1 that just doesn’t matter how he plays it at all?


And dontcha just love it when you play some really horrible player who makes a lot of terrible mistakes, and he turns to you and tells you about some play YOU should not have made?


And dontcha just love it when they reach for the cube, stop, think about it, put the cube back, then reach for it again, hold if for a while, put it back again, and then, finally, double?


And dontcha just love it when you have just danced on a 2 point board for the third time in a row and your opponent rolls some perfectly normal, reasonable number and gets all upset because it wasn’t a perfect roll?


And dontcha just love it when you hold the cube because you’re pretty sure you can win a gammon, but it doesn’t work out, and afterwards, your opponent says, “You know, you could have cubed me out at one time there.”?


Dontcha just love it?  Dontcha just love this game sometimes?  Dontcha just want to kill somebody sometimes?  Dontcha?  Huh?

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