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Duplicate Backgammon

Would you like to take a shot at duplicate backgammon and see just how good you are?  Send me an email at psimborg@sbcglobal.net and I will send you a 10 position game on Power Point.  It is a difficult portion of a match--the score is 2away/4away and the cube is turned.  You will see the position and the roll, you choose your play, you go to the next screen and you see how your play ranks and the number of points you get for your play.  And you simply total your score at the end.

If you score 45 to 55 you are an intermediate player.
55-65 a very high intermediate player
65-75 an Open player
75 and up, a world-class player

Please share your score with me so I can see how you did, and be assured that I will keep your results confidential.  (I just want to know who I should play and who I should avoid!)