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Future International Competition

This is a copy of a post I made recently on BGOnline

Perry, myself, and others have been tossing out ideas about team competitions both nationally and internationally, and I can tell you that plans are already in the works for such a competition.

I don't want to let the cat out of the bag, and I don't want to get people expecting this to happen too soon, because I believe this is one of the things that will happen under the leadership of the new player's federation which is being formed. However, I am sure we will see some kind of team competition that would be a lot fairer than simply taking the best players from this site (which could arguably be as good as any team in the world) in that the team would include players of different levels so that more players could compete locally to qualify for the team and end up representing their club, area, or country playing against others in their class.

We have such a competition every year just in Illinois where each of 6 clubs send their top 6 players to compete against each other, with the No. 1 player from each club playing other No. 1 players, etc.

I have recommended something like that from all over the country, and all over the world. My recommendation is 5-player teams from local clubs with the requirement that at least 2 of the players have never played in the Open Division of a major tournament. This will allow intermediates an opportunity to qualify for the team and to compete internationally as well.

I also picture preliminary competition, playoffs, and maybe even the finals being on line to make it practical for people to compete, but the players would be monitored by a tournament director or assigned monitor to prevent any accidental looking at aids or match equity tables, accidental use of bots, or accidental comments from others that might accidentally help.