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Hannukah Story Can Help Your Backgammon

Lessons learned from the ancient holiday of Chanukah [Hanukah] applied to Backgammon, by Steve Sherbel

What ever is your faith (if any) there is ancient wisdom that can be learned from the Holiday of Chanukah [Hanukah].


The story is:

The ancient Hebrews got along very well with Alexander the Great, but when he died, the general who replaced him (Antiochus) was not so easy to get along with. He wanted to destroy both their culture and their value system learned from studying the Torah. Many of the Hebrews rebelled (the Maccabees), stuck to their values, and held on as long as they could. When they finally entered the Temple (which was in shambles), they got lucky. They found one flask of oil to light the Menorah for one day. Then, miraculously, the oil burned for 7 full days instead of only one.


This teaching applies to many things, including Backgammon:

When you try to do the right thing, but things aren't working out..., and when you are down on your luck, way behind in your match, and your position is in shambles; it does not mean that you should abandon all of the backgammon wisdom that you have learned. Persevere and keep fighting back! Good backgammon values will ultimately prevail over those who play like barbarians. Luck is often earned with hard work. You have to play wisely to give a chance for luck to happen. Eventually justice will manifest. Your luck will turn, and it will seem like a miracle.

If a day’s supply of oil can burn for 7 days, you can roll a 6-6!


Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa,


Steven Sherbel