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Redoubling Take Points

When you are playing a match and you are redoubled, how do you know what your take points and price of gammons are?  If you don't know, you are really guessing in the blind as to whether or not to take or drop, and of course, whether or not to double. 

Top players are able to calculate, or at least estimate these numbers because they know the match equity for the potential resulting scores (or they can come close to estimating those as well), and they can determine the relative importance of gammons, and they are able to do fairly complex mathematical computations in their head over the board. 

This pretty much proves why I am not one of the top players in the world.  I can't do all this over the board.  What I have done, however, is make pretty good "educated guesses" and as a result, I am able to come close enough to beat the best players from time to time and to win my share of matches.

But as a teacher, I have always felt somewhat inadequate that I have not been able to give my students a more scientific approach to the recube decisions.  So the first thing I did was to make up my own chart showing take points and gammon values.  With that in hand, I began to develop a methodology to remember some general rules of thumb and "trends" in these numbers that would allow me, and my students, to do a better job of coming close to the right numbers over the board.

Maybe these numbers will help you too!

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