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Scott Casty Takes the ABT by Storm

My good friend and student, Scott Casty, an intermediate player just a year ago, has proven to be a real force on the American Backgammon Tour.  In the past 2 tournaments he has defeated 6 Giants of backgammon, has a W/L record of 17/4, and has shot up to the ranking of No. 11 in the ABT.  Scott has even earned the respect of great players, including Ray Fogerlund, his doubles partner in Madison.  At a crucial point in their first match, Ray wanted to make one play and Scott insisted that another was correct.  Ray yielded to Scott's wishes and they won.  It turned out, after putting the play into extremeGammon for analysis, Scott's play was indeed the best.

Scott has spent many hours practicing on extremeGammon and getting lessons and tips from me, in addition to taking everyone's money in the local Chicago chouette.  It's great to see his hard work and study pay off!

Pictured below is Scott, on the left, with his good friend, Bono.