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The Amazing Bennetts

Adam Bennett

Ed Bennett

If you look at the American Backgammon Tour leader board, you will see something you have never seen before:  a father and son in the Top10!


As of October 1st, father Ed is 3rd and son Adam is 6th.


Ed’s a retired banker, living in Santa Fe, while Adam is in real estate finance and lives in Spring Green, Wisconsin.


They both started playing in the 1970’s and Ed became addicted to the game ever since.  Ed has traveled to Monte Carlo for several years and makes it to many of the ABT events around the country.  It took Adam a few more years to put away the chess board and start taking backgammon seriously. 


Ed dragged Adam to his first tournament in 2004 to play doubles with him in Las Vegas.  Their first match was against some guy named Nack, and his girlfriend.  Adam couldn’t understand why so many people were gathered around the table to see him play his first tournament match.


I know from talking with both of them that they are both constantly working hard to improve their games.  Ed is a great student of the history of backgammon…that’s something that only a person who really loves the game would take the time to study.


The MOST IMPORTANT thing about the Bennetts—they’re really nice people and a joy to be around and play.  It’s great to see them share their success!!