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The Baffle Box and Rolling Tube are Your Friends

The baffle box IS YOUR FRIEND!  It assures a fair, well-tossed roll; virtually eliminates cocked dice and flying dice; and pretty much stops premature rolling.  The only major argument against it is that players are "used" to rolling directly on to the board and "like" to do it that way--pretty weak argument compared to all the benefits.  Sorry, but people have been caught cheating at major tournaments.  Some people don't shake their dice.  Others shake forever.  Some constantly throw them off the board or on to the checkers.  I see NO GOOD REASON not to use the box if either player requests it and one is available.  Please join our cause!   (Scroll down and you will also see the Rolling Tube, which I also believe is a terrific invention and should be put into use in the future.)

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