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This Week's Torah Portion

From time to time, Steve Sherbel provides his insights as to how this week's Torah portion applies to backgmamon:

This week's Torah portion:


Yakov (Jacob) is preparing to do battle with Eisav. With devine inspiration, Yakov identifies the 3 stages of conflict:

1- Hope and prayer

2- Diplomacy

3- Only when the first two fail to resolve problems..., then go to war.


This definitely applies to Chouettes.

1- "Please let me roll a 5 off the bar to win the game and not be gammoned by this jerk. Just one time. Pleeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz 5555555555"

2- "Hmmmmmmmm I might not roll a 5 and it's a 4 cube; I offer to pay 4 points. You ask for  6 points. Settle for 5?"

3- "Paying 6 points is robbery, I'll roll the dice."


VAYISHLACH teaches us to:

1-Be humble. As another Torah Portion teaches: "You are all my children, but when you gamble you are on your own."

2-Be realistic. You may be cursed with my dice.

3-Stand up for what you think is right..., but don't steam.