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WSOB Updated Fact Sheet

Subject: WSOB SHOOT-OUT, Fact Sheet (revised)

All you need to know about the WSOB Championship

**Every effort will be made to keep the information as stated below. Should changes occur we will advertise them on here and in the News section of the WSOB website.**

When is the shoot-out being held?

Over the weekend of 6-7th February, 2010.

Where is the shoot-out being held?

It is being held at the Adam Street Club in central London. This is a private members club, so please wear appropriate dress, and behave like James Bond on a good day.
The address is 9 Adam Street, London WC2N 6AA. Nearest rail: Charing Cross, nearest tube Charing Cross or Embankment.

For more info visit http://www.facebook.com/l/62c10;www.adamstreet.co.uk

Who can play?

The event is open to all. However, please note that Adam Street is a distinguished private club, and we shall make every effort to ensure that persons of a disreputable nature are denied entry.

What are the entry fees?

You may buy-in at one of three stages. The buy-in and registration fees are as follows:

Round of 64: $7,500 + 600 registration
Round of 32: $15,000 + 900 registration
Round of 16: $30,000 + 1,250 registration

What’s the Prize structure?

Quarter-finalists: $30,000
Semi-finalists: $60,000
Runner-up: $90,000
Winner: $150,000 (defending champion, Frederic Andrieu, France)

How can I register?

Simply send an email to the tournament organizer Will Cockerell

Can I pre-pay to save me travelling with a lot of cash?

Certainly, this is preferable. A WSOB Championship Trust account is being set up to take the entries. All registrants will be required to place a minimum $1,000 deposit.

Is there an entry Deadline?

Yes, it is midnight on Friday 29th January, 2010.

Will it be easy to find somewhere to stay?

Of course. London boasts a huge range of accommodation options – many in walking distance of the event.

What are the Match lengths?

First four rounds: 3-point sets, best-of-three sets.
Semi-finals, and Final: 5-point sets, best-of-three sets.

Are matches on the clock?

Yes, 1’ 30” minutes per point, 15-seconds per play. i.e. your clock is set to 4’ 30”-minutes for a 3-point set, and 7’ 30” -minutes for a 5-point set.

What are the Shoot-Out’s Hours of Operation and Playing Schedule?

Saturday 6th February, 2010:

1800 hrs: Doors open
1900 hrs: Welcome cocktail and speeches
1945 hrs: Draw
2000 hrs: Round of 64 begins
2130 hrs Dinner break
2230 hrs: Round of 32 begins
0000 hrs: Play closes for day one
0300 hrs: Establishment closes

Sunday 7th February, 2010:

1200 hrs: Doors open
1200 – 1300 Lunch
1300 hrs: Round of 16 begins
1500 hrs: Quarter-finals begin
1700 hrs: Semi-finals (to take place separately, one following the next)
2030 hrs: WSOB Championship, the Final
2230 hrs: Prize-giving.
2300 hrs: Event ends.

Every effort will be made to keep matches to schedule. One ten-minute break allowed at 1 set-all in 3 point matches. Ten minute break allowed between each set for Semi-finals and Final.

Payments of prize money will be made by bank transfer or by special arrangement with the Organiser.

Will I be able to qualify?

Yes, stay tuned for news of qualification via satellites on the internet. Also, live qualifiers are being established at backgammon clubs all over the world. Contact your local federation to see if they’re running one.

Can I bring my partners, friends, travelling support?

Of course, please do. Adam Street is a superb facility and there will be enough room for everyone.

Will Cockerell, WSOB Championship organizer, 15th November, 2009