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Backgammon Haikus

Backgammon Haikus


Watching the dice come up cocked/Very much like my first marriage.


Your disgustingly slow play will not disturb my inner tranquility/I recite this mantra as I plan his dismemberment.


Alone in the box/Watching the faces of my former friends.


Whether to make his 5 point or mine/Wishing I could flip a coin so no one could see.


Please tell me how lucky I am one more time/Let me show you what hot coffee feels like.


I gently offer you the cube with the utmost respect/Hoping you will choke on it and die.


Tell me again how the dice on line are fair/Tell me again where Santa Claus lives.


The joy of making the prime/A feeling not unlike a successful visit to the bathroom.


Watching him gammon me with that smirk on his face/Wishing I had a gun.


How hard can it be to keep the dice on the table?/Wondering how this man can drive a car.

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