Match cube/Answer

As you can see from the eval below, it is very wrong to double here, and if doubled, at this score, it is a big take for red.

Now, that is the "proper" cube action according to the bots, and clearly the bots are right. 

However, if you apply Woolsey's Law here, I am sure there are many people who would not be sure whether or not to take this double if they were Red, and I am sure you would get many people dropping this cube over the board.  So while it is technically a big mistake to double, if you read your opponent properly and get a drop, it was a heck of a good cube.

You see, bots always assume both sides make perfect decisions and perfect plays, and that's not quite what happens when two living organisms are playing and there is adrenalin and fear and judgment involved.  So if you cube this and he takes, you've made a pretty bad decision, but if you cube and he drops, you've made a fantastic play!

By the way, it is only the score that keeps this from being a redouble....for money, or at 4away/4away, this would be a clear redouble.