Cube / Answer

I find positions like this very interesting.  It is a big mistake to double here, and an even bigger mistake to drop, yet I am sure that many people will think this is a double, and there are some who would drop. 

One of the main reasons not to double is that there are simply so many games where Red ends up saving the gammon yet still loses the game.  Once that cube is turned, losing the game ends the match. 

Another common scenario is that Red hits and gets to a pretty decent position in a few rolls.  If he has not previously doubled, Red can then double and "cash" (win a point).  But if the cube has already been turned, instead of cashing, Red has to play on and things could turn around on him. 

In short, this position is just not good enough for Red to cube.

The 4-ply ExtremeGammon evaluation is below: