Match Cube/Answer

As you can see from the ExtremeGammon eval below, it is not a double, and an easy take.  What I find very interesting about this position is that if you reverse the score, and Red is trailing 5/away 3/away, it not only is a double, its a drop.  Of course the math is always the answer...when you look at the value of gammons and the winning chances it verifies these decisions, but what really struck me is that the huge difference between the two scores is the strength of the taker's recube.

Red cannot afford to double at this score because if things go well for Blue he has a tremendously efficient recube that Red will often have to drop.  However, if Red is losing and gives the cube, there is little risk of a recube should Blue take, and that is a strong reason why Blue would pass.

I know that many players do not carefully consider the value of holding the cube in match play.  It can be far more valuable than in a money game in terms of potential equity gained.  This is a good example of that principle.